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Australia Qualified For The World Cup Thanks To Some Gigantic Balls And A Dancing Goalie ... Seriously

So today was the first of two playoffs where the winner goes to the World Cup. Australia vs Peru, two teams who were in the last World Cup. Pretty important! Honestly was a whatever game. Some chances, but not overly exciting. However, Australia used some big balls to win.

What do I mean by that? They subbed in this keeper in the 119th minute. Andrew Redmayne came on STRICTLY for the penalty kicks. I said it on Twitter, but that's gotta be a top-3 pressure situation in team sports. It's up there with game-winning field goal for the Super Bowl or a pitcher coming in to close out the World Series. 

Somehow, someway it worked. I can't believe this guy - who is known for these antics - made the save

I mean I love it. Sports needs characters and this dude is something. Backup goalie, specialist. You don't see that *too* often. Tough day for these guys and gals though:

So congrats to Australia. The move paid off and I want nothing more than drunk Andrew Redmayne dancing content tonight. 

PS: Australia has such an awesome nickname as the Socceroos 

PPS: The fact they have kangaroos on their jersey is even better.