Jill Zarin Spills The Tea On All Things Real Housewives Girls Trip

Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives of NYC & The Real Housewives Girls Trip came to talk to us & tried her best not to spill all the tea about the upcoming Girls Trip season. We all know by now that in reality TV there's some unspoken/spoken rules about what they can & cannot share. Jill can't share it all but she gave us some great inside scoop.

Jill told us to be ready for 'Lesbian Eyebrows.' We have no idea what it means but she said it will be ICONIC & it seemingly makes no sense. Jill said her & Phaedra were laughing so hard that she peed her pants. She doesn't know what of this moment was captured but she quickly pulled her shirt out of her pink pants to avoid sitting in her own pee. We will all have to tune in on June 23rd to see it all unfold.

Jill's dog Bossi also joined us in the studio & is absolute royalty. Anytime we have Jill on our show in the future there is an open invitation for Bossi to join.

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