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Leah Remini Wants Everyone To Take A Break From Sucking Off Tom Cruise In "Top Gun" To Remember That He's Still A Scientologist

Tom Cruise’s newest summer blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick” may be making bank at the box office, but Leah Remini won’t be cashing in.

The “Kings of Queens” star, 51, is a former Scientologist and warned fans who are itching to see the action film that Cruise, 59, is still an active member of the Church.

Remini posted a screenshot of her friend and fellow ex-Scientologist Claire Headley’s Facebook post that accused Cruise of “crimes against humanity.”

“Thank you to my friend @claireheadley for your courage. You have continued to speak out despite the non-stop attacks from Scientology,” Remini tweeted on Saturday.

“And as Claire says in her post below, Tom Cruise knows exactly what goes on in Scientology. Don’t let the movie star charm fool you,” she continued.

The Post has reached out to Remini and Cruise for comment.

Headley described the “Mission Impossible” star in her post as promoting “a dangerous cult that destroyed my family too, the same cult that almost cost me my marriage and my life.”

During the mountains of press we've all seen about the new Top Gun movie, I knew it was only a matter of time before people started shaving mustaches into their faces and blasting "Danger Zone." I haven't seen the new movie yet, I do love Miles Teller so I'll probably see it...but I'm with Leah Remini here. I haven't forgotten that Tom Cruise is a low key scumbag Scientologist who helps hold people hostage in this cult. How is it that we can cancel celebrities for a lot less, but all these Scientology stories don't put Tom Cruise out of business? Do people really love his movies that much? After a quick Google, Tom Cruise doesn't even have any Oscars. Not that "having awards" directly correlates with how good of an actor you are, but come on. He's an action movie guy. Guys are out here, trying to bro out so hard with the boys that they're more than willing to overlook all of the horrific stories that have been coming out for YEARS about his involvement in some fucked up shit? We can't survive without another Mission Impossible movie? Haven't there been like, 12? Tom Cruise is tired, his whole shtick is tired, and he's a key part of a HUGE problem. Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes STILL won't even talk about him comfortably, which I feel speaks volumes. "Obviously they wouldn't have anything nice to say about him Kelly, they divorced him." Okay, sure, but does everyone who get divorced scream to the sky with relief once they're out? Pretty sure the people who do that, have a legitimate reason.

I always feel bad for Leah Remini because she has to be the one to bring everyone back down to earth when it comes to this shit. She risks her life (not an exaggeration) to make sure that people know the Church of Scientology is fucking nuts, and she has to come out of the woodwork AGAIN because everyone continues to glorify a man who pretends to be a pilot in the Navy? What makes him the exception? I think at this point we can phase him out of society, and let Miles Teller take over indefinitely for all of his roles.