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Peru Fans Are Dominating Qatar After Turning Their Plane Into A Straight Up Party For Today's World Cup Playoff Game

I mean, sure, this *seems* a bit shocking until I saw these TikToks from Peru fans flying over to Qatar: 

They brought their own damn speakers! Do you know how much of a pain in the ass that has to be to lug through an airport? That should be worth a 1-0 lead right off the bat*.

*Note I am blogging this before the game actually starts so we'll see

But this is what you have to do to support the team. Peru is playing Australia today at 2pm Eastern for a spot in the World Cup. Simple as that. Winner is in. Loser is out and waits 4 more years. So yeah, if you're a Peru fan this is what you gotta do. You party your ass off that entire plane ride which is roughly 19 hours long (quick google search). You got a day of being in the sky (fuck that). 

Honestly this is how planes should be though. You have two options on a plane. 1) You sit completely silent, watch a movie and just head down until the flight lands. 2) You party. Option 2 is typically reserved for flights to vacation or bachelor parties, etc. There can't be a middle though. I don't want the person soberly talking to me asking me what I'm watching or reading or any shit like that. 

Gotta hand it to Peru. They are ready to party.