Paul Rabil Says Bill Belichick Has Interest In Coaching In The Premier Lacrosse League

On today's Pardon My Take... PAUL RABIL! The co-founder of the Premier Lacrosse League joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss all things PLL, ranging from rule changes, where to relocate the team, and the future of the sport. One of the topics that also came up was regarding noted lacrosse fan, Bill Belichick. Yes, the same Bill Belichick that has won all those Super Bowls and is known as one of, if not the greatest football coaches of all-time. Rabil dropped an interesting nugget on today's show that included a potential involvement of Belichick and the PLL. I'll let the guys take it away from here...

Mr. Commenter: Were you talking to Belichick the other day? How'd that go?

Paul Rabil: Pretty good.

Mr. Commenter: He's a big fan of the sport. 

Paul Rabil: He loves the PLL.

Mr. Commenter: He actually follows and watches the games?

Paul Rabil: Yeah, he came to our opener. He's like deep into training camp right now, but he's obsessed with lacrosse. He was recognized at the Tewaaraton Ceremony, which is like essentially the Heisman for college lacrosse.

[later in interview]

Mr. Commenter: So, have you ever talked to Belichick about, you know, when he's done coaching the Patriots, if you would ever want to become a coach in the PLL?

Paul Rabil: Yes.

Mr. Commenter: You think he's interested?

Paul Rabil: Yes. 

Mr. Cat: Woah, now that would be awesome.

Paul Rabil: … for the Waterdogs. Maybe that's what you…

Mr. Commenter: That's our Moneyball, is we just get the greatest sports coach of all-time.

[later in interview]

Paul Rabil: I feel like he would win in the first three seasons of coaching, if not sooner. I mean, I don't think he really coaches football, he just coaches. He coaches human beings. He's so good at that. I mean, the number of draft picks that come out of nowhere that turn into stars, and I mean, even lacrosse players, he has a knack for bringing them over into the NFL. I just think he understands the nuance of sports and blueprint of winning better than anyone.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, and he would also put like, smart people around him.

Paul Rabil: Smart people around him, he commands insane amount of respect. I mean, I think I told you guys this, but when I first met him, he came to a Hopkins practice. He stepped into the locker room, was motherfucking us up and down around like our stickwork and the six on six possession. He's got photographic memory. So he then just like, he just commands a room and all of a sudden you listen to Bill Belichick, coach you on lacrosse and you're bought in, right away.


Bill Belichick coaching in the Premier Lacrosse League? Now THAT would be great for the sport. Let's speak it into existence. The GOAT coach is going to be the head coach in this up-and-coming league sooner rather than later.