Russia Is Reopening All The Abandoned McDonald's Under A New Name With A New Logo

CNN - The golden arches and Big Mac may have gone, but Russians saw 15 McDonald's restaurants reopen on Sunday under new branding and ownership, according to its owner Alexander Nikolaevich Govor. The American fast-food giant has been renamed "Vkusno & Tochka," which translates to "Tasty and that's it." The company, which has Oleg Paroev serving as director general, plans to open 200 branches by the end of June and all branches by the end of the summer, according to a press release. 

"If you recall, in May, McDonald's announced they were removing their businesses from Russia. I am very proud that they chose me to continue developing this business. That means the company views me as someone who fully shares all the principles of business and values of McDonald's," Govor said at a press conference. "I won't hide the fact that I am an ambitious man, and so I am not just going to simply open up all 850 restaurants but I am going to develop new ones as well," he said.

According to a press release, 62,000 former McDonald's employees were also retained.

"They got the Golden Arches, mine is the Golden Arcs. They got the Big Mac, I got the Big Mick. We both got two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but their buns have sesame seeds.”

Credit where credit is due, I have Eddie's comrades as much as the next democracy-loving American, but they nailed this one. Short of legitimately naming these McDowell's, (a major miss), they nailed this. Same menu, same employees, different name, different logo. And they had people banging down their door, in record-setting numbers, on their first day back open. Commies fucking love burgers and fries. 

I originally thought McDonald's did the noble thing and packed up and said peace out to Putin like other American businesses did but I'm an idiot because McDonald's is always thinking ten steps ahead.

McDonald's subsequently expanded its reach within the country and as of early March, there were about 850 locations operating in Russia. However, the chain decided to leave the country and sell its Russia business, in line with many other Western businesses following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began in February.

McDonald's accepted a charge of almost $1.4 billion after the sale to Govor, Reuters reported. Paroev has said other franchises could work under the new brand, but the traditional McDonald's brand will leave the country. Russia's anti-monopoly service said the chain could elect to buy its restaurants in Russia back within 15 years, although many terms of the sale to Govor are still unclear

Smart of them to leave the door open to reacquire them in the future.

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The only question here is without the corporate supply chain that McDonald's provides, can these commie run places keep up? How long until they run out of nearly everything on the menu and start substituting things and everything goes to shit? Not trying to be a pessimist I've just read and learned enough to know that communism, as good as it sounds in theory, always ends up ruining everything. 

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