Quick Check On The Lakers: Anthony Davis Claims He Hasn't Shot A Basketball Since April 5th Because, Well, No One Has A Damn Clue Why

Well, that's one way to let the world know you're dedicated to your craft. Now I'm not saying pro athletes have to be practicing 24 hours a day, but maybe, MAYBE, don't admit to not shooting the ball since you've been eliminated. Then again, it's hard to necessarily blame Anthony Davis. Some are saying it could be LeBron's bad breath keeping him away: 

Some are saying he just wants the Ben Simmons experience. Either way it's a tough look for the guy Charles Barkley nicknamed Street Clothes. It's not exactly a secret that Anthony Davis is a damn good player who can't stay on the court because of his health, but that's part of the game. 

Nothing and I mean nothing would warm my heart like seeing the Lakers somehow fall even more off

Maybe I'm just trying to will Anthony Davis off the Lakers. I can't have him there. He's one of my all-time favorite Kentucky guys but the moment he wears that Laker purple and gold I can't stand him. Need him almost anywhere else. I say you don't worry about shooting for the next few months, AD. Take a breather, you deserve it.