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Tyreek Hill Is Trying Too Hard To Convince The World Tua Is As Good As Patrick Mahomes

Hey man, it's okay. Sometimes you downgrade. Sometimes your ex is actually better than your current significant other. This is the case here. It's fine. The world knows it, you even know it. Tua is as accurate as Patrick Mahomes? Either Tyreek Hill doesn't know what the word means or he's not playing with Tua. Only explanation here. Oh and save me the 'completion percentage' argument. Use two eyes, hell use one eye. It's pretty easy to tell. 

I'm not even anti-Tua or a Chiefs fan by any stretch of the imagination. I just find it hilarious that Tyreek is trying this hard to convince everyone that Tua is going to be fine. Granted, he can make him fine since Tyreek Hill can take a 6 yard crossing pattern to the house and add 80 yards to Tua's stat line. 

It's still somewhat insane to me all the changes in the NFL this past season. I feel like we don't see this many known names on the move. Tyreek being in a Dolphins jersey is going to look weird. Actually, it'll look awesome because teal and orange is an elite color combo, but it's going to look weird. 

Tyreek's just gotta remember that sometimes what you had was better.