The Story Of Palermo Making Its Way Back To Serie B And The Crazy Ass Party Is Exactly Why There's Nothing Like Promotion/Relegation

[Source] - The Sicily-based club have faced a tough few years which has seen them drop all the way down into Serie D, mainly due to financial reasons.

Since the clubs relegation from Serie A in 2017 the ownership has changed hands on multiple occasions - including its sale for just £8.75 in 2018 to a 'London-based' company.

The club has seen sanctions and point deductions from the Italian FA and were nearly relegated from Serie B due to financial irregularities in 2019.

However, the club's dire situation came to a head when they submitted an invalid insurance policy for the 2019/20 Serie B season, forcing the Italian FA to exclude them from all professional leagues. A month later the club were readmitted as a phoenix club into Serie D, and they won promotion to Serie C in their first season.

I know we talk about the promotion parties or relegation freak outs a lot, but this is an awesome promotion. Promotion/relegation is fucking awesome. I know we can't do it in America because of the lack of teams and leagues and all that but man, I would love to see it. Imagine sweating out a week 16 game between the Texans and Jets. Or a Kings game in game 82. It'd be fucking nerve wracking sitting there trying to stay up in the top league, but this is the result. You get to party and that's what's awesome. 

As for Palermo the story is kind of ridiculous. They had to drop to Serie D. They had to sell ownership. They were handed sanctions and point deductions. What happens? They start at Serie D and get promoted after one year. Then they were just in Serie C for 2 years. Now they are back to Serie B with a legit chance to make it back to the top in a couple of years. 

I think we should do this with college sports, mostly because there are far too many Division I teams. There is now over 360 Division I basketball teams. We don't need that. Instead of letting people just get to Division I they should have to qualify. Win the D2 Tournament or something like that. There's gotta be some sort of promotion. I'd love to find a way to make it work in America even though I know it can't. It looks too much fun.*

*Until one of my teams gets relegated