Dell and Sonya Curry May Very Well Be Showcasing a Wife Swap During The NBA Finals

Jack Mac covered this on social media over the weekend. The first time I watched his video I thought there's no way this could be true. Right?

We're talking about the greatest shooter to ever live, not named Larry Bird, and his father, the essence of class and cool. His name is Dell for crying out loud. Tell me the last time you met a guy named Dell who wasn't the classiest mother fucker in the room at all times? You can't. 

There still isn't much news surrounding this whole wife swap scenario, but what it looks like right now is the guy (who's been identified) is former college and pro-tight-end Steven Johnson, a good friend of Dell Curry since his Virginia days...

So it turns out that Steven here swooped in when the opportunity presented itself. 35 years of waiting for Dell Curry to get hit by a bus so Sonya could be his. Except that Dell didn't need to get hit by anything, he and Sonya divorced last year. 

Dell and Sonya decided to call it quits after 30-plus years of marriage, with court documents showing both alleging the other had extramarital affairs.

Sonya, in filing for divorce, cited Dell's "marital misconduct” as the reason behind the separation. Dell then submitted his own filing alleging Sonya had committed “acts of illicit sexual misconduct” during their marriage.

Steven no doubt was there to "console" Sonya and be the shoulder she needed to cry on. No doubt telling Dell he had his back and was putting in good words for him the whole time. 

When Dell found out Steve was actually "dating" Sonta, as Jack Mac so virginly put it, the gloves were off. 


He obviously hit up Steve's ex-wife and told her what was going on. The two probably had a few scotch and chardonnay nights down at the Gold Dust Bar in Fisherman's Warf and one thing led to another. What started as simple revenge sex seems to have turned into a full on relationship. Or just one built on spite. 

Either way, extremely fucked up and we can only hope none of this causes a distraction for Steph as he suits up for the Warriors in a pivotal game 5 tonight at home against the Celtics. 

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