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Dua Lipa Won The Weekend With This World Class Performance At The Lovestream Festival

It's a Monday morning, creeping into early afternoon and I think we all need a little pick me up. Enter Dua Lipa. 

This goddess sure knows how to put on a show and give the people what they want. If she's performing at an awards ceremony I'm more than likely going to switch over and I can't say that about many other people. It's the music. Yes, that's it, the music is so good! The lyrics! So many words, so elegantly chosen. All the words, great ones. Too many to choose from to tell you my favorites, but they're all great. 

Now did the intern posting on the main account this weekend get a little too hot and bothered coming across performance in Bratislava? Am I doing the very same? Probably yes, but I mean how could you blame us? 

Lord have mercy 

P.S. Dave seeing Lupita Nyong'o at the Academy Awards and calling her Dua Lupita made me spit my drink out in his Will Smith reaction video. 50 second mark