BRUTAL: Joe Maddon Got A Mohawk To Try And End The Angels Losing Streak Last Week But Got Fired Before He Could Show The Team

I imagine Joe Maddon being like "this is the move that gets the guys going" as he sits down in the barber chair. Gets his mohawk finished, checks his phone and sees a message from the GM to see him in his office. Maddon loves to pull out all the strange moves to motivate his guys, he used to do the circus stuff in Spring Training, bring in all different types of things into the clubhouse but this one was different. It's just a shame his guys never got a chance to see it. He had to walk into an office with upper management with a MOHAWK and get fired. That's gotta be rough. Do you just cut the mohawk right then and there? Do you keep it, let it grow out? I mean as an 8-year old getting a mohawk is fine but you can't be 68 and walking around with a mohawk, you just can't. Especially without a job. Actually being unemployed with a mohawk in California may not be that strange. 

It's actually hilarious to think about him having to get fired with that hairdo. And I'm not happy anyone lost a job or is out looking for a new gig, but what do you think was going through his head when he realized what was going on, "I've got this stupid fucking haircut and now I don't have a job." Poor Joe, maybe the mohawk would have turned the losing streak over right there, it ended soon after but we will never know how Ohtani and the boys would have responded to seeing 68-year old walk in with a mohawk. Big time "Creed dying his hair black" mood.