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I Have Never In My Life Seen Somebody Get Outplayed This Badly in Warzone

Alright, this clip was absurd. Was he VPNing? Probably, but that's besides the point. Just enjoy the clip because my god that kid got world-starred. How disrespectful is it to drop all your cash, both your guns and STILL come out untouched with the kill? Absolutely preposterous.

We know it's an old clip because this is in a Verdansk vault. And lemme tell you, I fucking miss Verdansk. BIG TIME. I can't even play Caldera anymore without raging. It's just camper central and everybody is a rat. Once you take on one fight, it seems like you end up getting shot in 50 different directions from all the other bush wookies.

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So, lately I've been ripping Rebirth Island and I LOVE IT! I was always a fan of Rebirth, but never imagined myself playing for 4+ hours a day. That's what we've been doing lately and I haven't gotten sick of it one bit. We've been mixing up metas, trying a bunch of different guns and frankly dominating Rebirth Island.

In the last Warzone update, the NZ-41 got buffed and this gun is INSANE! An absolute must try. It's by far and away the best gun to use right now in Warzone.

Above is the raw version, below is the Gentleman's Guide:

I've been coupling it with the AMP63 pistol, while using Tempered as my Perk 2.

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We'll be back on stream tomorrow morning at 9:30am ripping more Warzone. I'll be boots on the ground testing metas, so you don't have to.