Get Off The Tracks When The Ghitelman Express Is Pulling Through The Station

And that, my friends, is what we refer to as a menace to society. Adam Ghitelman don't give a shit. Never has he, nor never will he. 

Goalies are clearly fed up. They just have to sit there in that 6x6 net with minimal padding and get shelled by 100+mph shots for an entire game. Offensive players who are attempting to make them look like clowns every time they touch the ball. Defensive players who are trying to just shoot the piss out of the ball every time they come over the midfield line and if the shot just so happens to destroy the goalie on its way in, then so be it. Lacrosse goalies exist for one purpose and that is to get lit up like the Fourth of July. But Adam Ghitelman's Independence Day came a month early this year when he put Wes Berg through the turf with this monster hit. 

Huge hit. And in a huge part of the game, too. The Archers got off to a hot start in the 1st half. It was 10-4 at halftime. But then the Chaos started chipping back. They were getting 2-bombs from CJ Costabile. Austin Staats made his return to the scoresheet. It seemed like every time the Chaos were taking the ball down in transition, it was ending up in the back of the net. The Archers were desperately hanging on to that 2-goal lead for dear life with just over 2 minutes to go. If Wes Berg catches that ball, it's a goal and the Chaos has more than enough momentum to score a couple more to steal that game. 

Ghitelman said think again, cowboy. Lays the lumber. Breaks their will to compete. Archers score a couple more and close out the game with a 17-12 win. The only thing that might have been more violent than that hit was Matt Moore bullying D-mids all night. 

Games tonight at 6pm on ESPN2 and 8:45pm on ESPN+. See ya then.