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Gamers Rejoice: Mario Strikers: Battle League (The New Version of Super Strikers) Dropped Today For The Nintendo Switch!

Gamers Rejoice!! The next version of the infamous Mario Super Strikers series is here on the Nintendo Switch! Mario Strikers: Battle League, dropped today with 10 playable characters. The core mechanisms of the game are essentially the same they've always been which is a big W!

The biggest changes I saw were the ability to change your character's kit which in turn adjusts their attributes. So you could make Donkey Kong with a little more speed or turn Mario into a sharpshooter to finesse shot after shout around the goalie.

Additionally, they made great strides with the online presence of Super Strikers. In Battle League, you're able to create a Strikers Club to play ranked matches against your opponents. Your friends are then able to join your club and compete to dominate the Strikers ranked arena. Gamers will be competing for seasonal awards pending on their overall placement.

Mario Super Strikers is one of the all-time great couch games to play. It never gets old to turn on the Gamecube, grab a few nooners and rip some insane longshots with Mario. The hyper-strike is back with brand new animations to make for some massively rage inducing goals.


It's great to have another version of Strikers back in the gaming rotation! Maybe we'll start a Stoolie Strikers club…