Plot Twist! FIFA Goes Against All The Reports And Allows Ecuador To Stay In The World Cup After Being Accused Of Using An Ineligible Player

Oh, well this is quite a plot twist. Every report out there said FIFA had made their decision and Ecuador would be kicked out of the World Cup for using an ineligible player. You can read more about that here: 

Can't say I'm overly shocked I guess? FIFA would have done anything possible to not kick a team out of the World Cup. Despite the fact they are the most corrupt organization in the world, they don't want to go through with that sort of punishment. They'd rather turn a blind eye. I don't know if Byron Castillo was born in Ecuador or not. I'm not doing an investigation. I'm just here to say Ecuador is staying in the World Cup.

I think we also all know how this turns out. Ecuador is playing in the weakest group - Group A. Their first match is even against Qatar. I think we all know Ecuador is going to go on a run, get out of group stage and Castillo will be a hero. How many times does something like that happen? Feel like it's a guarantee at this point. 

Tough qualifying round for Chile. Not many teams get eliminated twice. Then again this is the weirdest World Cup of all time. Italy, the 6th ranked team in the world didn't qualify. Oh not to mention it's in fucking Qatar. No World Cup should be in Qatar. I'm still salty that it's during college basketball/college football/NFL season. It should be starting here this month.