'They'll Be Ringless Just Like You' - Draymond Green Is Totally And Completely Fine With CJ McCollum Picking The Celtics To Win The Finals

Credit where credit is due. This is how you come back at someone who said something you don't like. A little over the top, sure. But Draymond got right to the point and that's where an insult is at its best. You don't need some big long buildup to insult someone. It's why bozo, jabroni, etc all work. Everyone knows what you mean and that's what Draymond is doing here.

Now, I can't blame him. I wouldn't want someone to tell me they picked against me. I don't care if you use it as 'motivation' no one actually likes hearing it. I also don't blame CJ. As much as I fucking hate to say it, the Celtics look like the better team. They are destroying a good Warriors defense. It's actually remarkable what Ime Udoka is doing and how easily the Celtics are getting to the rim. That entire line felt dirty to write, but hey, facts are facts. 

Of course CJ is going to stay ringless. He plays for the Pelicans. They can barely keep Zion in New Orleans, let alone win a ring. But take it easy, Draymond. Maybe focus on staying on the floor and not fouling out. Maybe focus on hitting an outside shot this series. Just a couple of suggestions from a blogger. 

There's also no way this comes back to bite Draymond in the ass if the Celtics win. No sir. People always forget these sort of statements, especially in Boston. This won't be plastered anywhere. We all know Boston fans are pure class. They won't yell at opposing players. They won't swear. They won't boo. They just politely sit there, watch basketball and pumpfake from the sidelines.