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'You're Like White Magic' - Adam Sandler Breaking Down His Basketball Mixtape Left Juancho Hernangomez In Shock

Is there anyone more beloved than Adam Sandler? There's not one person that hates him, right? He just is this rich actor who still wears shorts like it's 2003, loves to hoop and makes good movies. Pretty sure that's the dream for most people and he's as 'common man' as an actor can get. That's why this is fantastic. I could watch Adam Sandler breaking down his own game every single day. Bonus points for calling himself Sand Man. 

We have the Manningcast and every other single thing now. Why can't we have Adam Sandler call a basketball game? Listen to him! He knows the game. He knows what to look for. Shit, he left Juancho Hernangomez in shock and calling him White Magic. I say give us one single game with him, Barkley and Ernie Johnson just shooting the shit. Three beloved humans who will say whatever and make us laugh. Who says no? 

As for Sandler's game? It's pretty good! The man is 55 years old and still getting decent runs in over the last few years. If you can create while wearing a polo you're pretty good in my book. Needs to improve some defense - love that he aggressively fouls the dude at the end there when he says he hit the game-winner. Set the tone, Sand Man. 

Two goals in life now: 

1. Drink with Bill Raftery

2. Hoop with Adam Sandler