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Kliff Kingsbury Struck Out Trying To Sabotage At Sean McVay's Wedding And That's Precisely Why The Rams Are Loaded Again

I know people will think he's joking, but that's where you'd be wrong. Kliff Kingsbury is desperate. He knows he can't beat the Rams and wants anything to buy some more time and hope that Kyler Murray is cool with him. He's trying to hold on to one of 32 head coaching jobs. Instead this happens: 

If I was one of the 42 Rams fans out there I'd be so jazzed up seeing Kupp sign in a Stafford jersey. It's those stupid little things that would get me excited. I still don't understand how the Rams are making all this work with the salary cap. I'm convinced it's fake. I mean I know it's not fake, but I'm starting to wonder how the hell the Rams can look like this and still be under the contract. 

Again, I don't blame Kliff. He's 1-5 against the Rams. He even lost social media against them, so really 1-6: 

Brutal night for Kliff and the Cardinals, but hey, looked like a great wedding.