This Guy Sitting By Himself, Going Through Every Emotion After The Rangers Lost Game 5 Is What Being A Fan Looks Like

I can't sit here and breakdown the mistakes made by the Rangers to lose Game 5. I'm here because this is a guy that needs to be talked about. I'm here because anyone who has cared about a team has been in this situation before. You sit there, it doesn't even have to be at a stadium, after your team loses a pivotal game or even their season ends and this is all you can do. That man is replaying the game. He's not worried about his 'friends' or 'significant other'. Oh no, he's figuring out how this wasn't a goal: 

But back to the big fella sitting at MSG. The eye wipe at the end, that's the sign. That's the sign of a man who is living and dying with a team. 

All he knows is pain. All he wants is Brian Leetch and Mark Messier to show up. This guy should not be made fun of. Oh no, he deserves praise. This is fandom at its finest. Getting your heart ripped out, refusing to leave and knowing that this guy stayed up all night drinking, rewatching a game and replaying it in his head. He would have scored that goal. He would have stopped that game-winning goal by Palat or blocked the shot leading to that by Sergachev. 

Rangers in 7.