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Max Muncy And The Entire LA Dodgers Organization Is Laughing In Tony LaRussa's Face Right Now

Today started off great. Woke up, pushed the Hawk Harrelson interview and went and snake drafted things. Then, in the midst of our snake draft, the White Sox took a 4-0 lead. It looked like the White Sox were about to win their 3rd series in 4 tries against really, really good teams: the Yankees, the Rays and the Dodgers.

Then Jake Burger booted a ball that would have ended the 5th inning with the White Sox up 4-0. Instead, the Dodgers ended up scoring 6 runs with 2 outs after stringing hits and walks together and the Sox go down 6-4.

Burger then kinda/sorta made up for it with a dinger. Okay cool, half way done with the game and only a 1 score game. 

Then more errors. A wild pitch. And then.....

And intentional walk of a hitter that was in a 1-2 count. Ummm what? Are you fucking kidding me?

Even Freddie Freeman was even astounded at what LaRussa just pulled:

What the fuck was the point of that with two strikes? League average is like .030 with 2 strikes. Throw the fucking pitch and get an out. STOP BEING A GODDAMN SLAVE TO HANDEDNESS. But Tony thought otherwise and decided he'd rather attack a LHH with their LHP. What? There's 2 strikes? 

Whatever. It's lefty/lefty right? WRONG. 

Remember when I said STOP BEING A GODDAMN SLAVE TO HANDEDNESS? Well guess what happened next?!? Muncy shit on the ball:

Absolutely NOBODY should be shocked that happened. Not only was I expecting it to happen, I was glad it did. 

And as he was rounding the bases, he rubbed TLR's nose in it like Tony was a puppy who took a shit on the living room carpet:

GOOD. We need EVERYONE rubbing not just TLR's nose in this pile of shit that is the 2022 season, but whoever else is responsible for Leury Garcia's contract, Josh Harrison's signing, the 12 DH/1B player roster they built, and the lack of spending on QUALITY free agents on the offensive side of the baseball. 

We've discussed who to blame ad nauseam and everyone has their opinions on who's at fault, but there's one thing for certain: TLR ain't it. I try not to bitch about lineups and a few of the core guys have been HORRIFIC, but the players aren't making conscious decisions to suck ass. 

Ya know what's a conscious decision? Batting Garcia ANYWHERE other than the lower 1/3rd of that lineup. That is absolutely fucking inexcusable. I don't care how hot he is at any given point in time. He's horrible. He's got a SUB 2% WALK RATE and his quality of contact fucking BLOWS. Just a god awful hitter and him hitting leadoff yesterday may have been the direct reason they only plated 1 run. Oh and they WILLFULLY inked Leury Garcia to a 3 year deal when ZERO other teams were going to give him anything more than a 1 year deal, if even an MLB contract.

Someone needs to FIX THIS SHIT. This isn't working. The manager is well beyond his glory days, the roster construction is completely flawed, the owner won't let the general manager general manage to his fullest ability and there are about 10 cooks in the front office kitchen. That reeks of dysfunction to me and dysfunctional organizations don't win shit.

Sad thing is not much, if anything, will change. TLR ain't going nowhere, nor is Garcia who, once again, they competed with themselves to ink to a 3 year deal last winter, nor is Jerry Reinsdorf. 

Somebody in the front office, preferably JR, better have a come to fucking Jesus moment and FIX THIS SHIT. White Sox fans toughed out a decade of DOG SHIT BASEBALL to get to this season and they performed half measures when "attempting" to build the most complete roster possible. Like 2016, they tried to round out a great core with cheap, over the hill vets and AAAA players in hopes of catching lightning in a bottle. History is now repeating itself and like 2016, they're reaping what they've sowed. 

I don't know what else to do or say. Maybe if they lose enough, Hahn and Kenny will have the ability to walk into Jerry's office and say, "yo. We need to can your buddy. We need to open the check book. And we need to cut bait with about 4-5 guys in order to fix this" 

Maybe, just maybe, Jerry responds with, "make the best baseball decisions"

Just kidding. We all know that ain't happening. White Sox fans are fucking pissed and should be fucking pissed. This is INEXCUSABLE.

And yes I really laid the all caps text on thick to hammer home my frustration.

PS - White Sox coming back right now. Even if they win this game, everything I said is still true