Kirk Goldsberry Explains Why He Thinks Jayson Tatum Is Currently The Frontrunner To Win NBA Finals MVP (Which Would Turn Billy Into A Vegan)

On today's Pardon My Take... KIRK GOLDSBERRY! The ESPN NBA Analyst joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to break down all angles of Wednesday's Game 3 of the 2022 NBA Finals. The hottest topic in our podcast circle has been who will be taking home the MVP Award, and more specifically, whether or not Boston's Jayson Tatum has a chance to win it. The reason? If the Duke product does earn it, our very own Billy Football will have to go vegan for a month! Those are real stakes that were set a few weeks ago. Does Goldsberry think Tatum is in a good spot to win Finals MVP three games into the series? Let's find out...

Mr. Commenter: So, you mentioned Tatum's off night when they had the loss. What you do on an off night doesn't matter if you lose, according to the people that vote on the MVP Award for The Finals. And this is omething that we're tracking here very closely at Pardon My Take, because Billy has to go vegan for an entire month, including the 4th of July, which is like his... that's Billy time. And we need to get an update on who, in your estimation, is tracking to be the MVP of this series. Is it going to be Tatum or is it going to be Brown?

Mr. Cat: Let me give you the stats, too, real quick, Kirk. So, Jaylen Brown: 68 points, 22 rebounds, 13 assists. Jayson Tatum: 66 points, 17 rebounds, 25 assists.So, statistically, they're pretty much the same right now.

Kirk Goldsberry: Yeah, I think it's time to fire up the impossible burgers because I'm going Jayson Tatum, folks. And I think, Billy, I would recommend the impossible burgers, they're better than you think you are. 

Mr. Commenter: They're not bad.

Kirk Goldsberry: They're not bad. I don't think he'll enjoy them quite as much as an all-beef patty, but I think Jayson Tatum is going to win MVP because the Celtics are only going to win the series if Jayson Tatum has a few more good games, and his passing, in particular, guys, has been great. In that Game 1, he had a terrible night shooting, but his passes created 35 points for the Celtics. He can score it, pass it, rebound it, steal it. He's just slightly more complete and slightly more important to the Celtics success, in my opinion. So, I think he's a safer bet. Now, I'm not going to be shocked, PFT, if Jaylen Brown was the MVP if the Celtics win the series, but my money and my impossible burgers would be on Jayson Tatum at this point.


Alright, there is A LOT of basketball still to be played, but our friend Billy Football should be enjoying his meat a little bit more than usual at this point in time. If the Celtics continue to play at this elite level, the soy boy may very well become the vegan boy for the month of July. Time will tell…