Danny Woodhead Qualifying For The US Open Would Have Been The Greatest Athletic Achievement Of His Career

On today's Pardon My Take... DANNY WOODHEAD! The former NFL running back joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss the crazy story of him coming one step short of qualifying for the US Open as an amateur. Throughout his decade in the NFL, Woodhead has appeared in a Super Bowl, rushed for 2,000+ yards, and scored 32 touchdowns. But as the guys talked about on today's show, all of those accomplishments would have been passed on his list if Woodhead were to qualify for this year's major in Brookline, MA next week. Unfortunately, he fell one step short, but it was fun to hear the guys discuss this topic: what's more impressive - the NFL career Woodhead had or nearly making the US Open? Here is how that conversation went down...

Mr. Commenter: We spoke on the phone before you went to this tournament, but I think I told you this - that would have been your biggest athletic accomplishment of all-time. And you're a guys that's played for four NFL teams, had like 40 touchdowns, qualifying for the US Open would have been the craziest athletic accomplishment of your life.

Danny Woodhead: And it wouldn't have been close. I mean, I would even say, because there were a lot of pros at the qualifier, too, my initial qualifier. 

Mr. Cat: I saw [Jason] Dufner, I thought you were playing against Dufner. 

Danny Woodhead: Well, the thing is, it's just like one of those things, you're like, even just to even get to Ohio, that ranks up there with a lot of my athletic achievements, because it's also something I'm not supposed to be good at, right? It's something that, like, I'm supposed to suck. How many NFL running backs play gold, period? I don't know, maybe .4%. It's not really a number, maybe one guys in the NFL does now. So like, I just felt like the odds weren't for me to even get to that qualifier, and it's just, man, to get in was nuts.

Danny Woodhead: To get into the Ohio one, I had to beat pros at my club at the qualifier that was at my club. Yeah, so it's just a weird thing that I never thought was really… It's almost like I didn't think that could be reality. And then when it was, and even when I went out to Ohio and played, even though I didn't post great scores, I was like, "Maybe I'm not that bad at golf."

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, I think you're good now. I think we can officially say Danny Woodhead - above average golfer. 

Mr. Cat: And I like the fact that you're just going to keep grinding and you know, I'd put my money on you someday being int he US Open. Betting against Danny Woodhead and his will to accomplish…

Danny Woodhead: It's more fun if you bet against me, because then I hate you. 

Mr. Cat: No, I'll tell you something, no, seriously. We live in a very cynical time, and I think a lot of people are cynical about sports. But when I saw you were in this, I was like, I was actually proud. It's a weird thing to say, but I was like, "Damn, this is awesome."


The fact that this year's tournament is in Massachusetts would have made this story so much cooler, given that Danny Woodhead is a former New England Patriot. But unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be this year. The next opportunity: 2023 in Los Angeles. What a scene that would be…