Hawk Harrelson Was Born In The Wrong Part Of The Country And Played The Wrong Sport

There's me and my new best friend/adopted grandpa, Hawk Harrelson. I always loved Hawk, but from afar. He was a guy that I'd tune into for a few innings as I worked on my computer or scrolled through my phone. I never gave a shit about the White Sox, but there was something about him, his style, and that voice that would make me tune in and listen while never really looking at my screen. I think that might actually be the mark of a great baseball broadcaster. 

In the interview he had one quote that warmed my heart

"If I could get reincarnated I would come back as a hockey player"--Hawk Harrelson

I am convinced that Hawk is from some Western Canada city like Saskatoon or Lethbridge or some place like that, but was born into the wrong body in the Southeastern US. That man is a hockey player. He lives by a code and that code involves pummeling people, respectfully, when required. More than anything, Hawk tells the truth. That's the code I try to live by too. #Integrity. I talked with Hawk for just about an hour, but you get the impression that you can tell him anything, he will try to help you, and you can trust that whatever you tell him he will put it in the vault forever. Why did he fire La Russa all those years ago? None of your business

That's probably why he has a whos who of friends. Sinatra, Bobby Orr, Jerry Reinsdorf, Ted Williams, Jack Nicklaus, and on and on the list goes. A man's man. He was born in the wrong place, but the right era. I wish the modern world had more people that lived by Hawk's code of ethics.