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The Finale For Stranger Things 4 Part 1 Is Some Of The Best Television I Have Seen In Years That Makes The Whole Season And Series Even Better


Bob Fox and I headed down to the basement one last time to give our quick thoughts on Stranger Things 4 Part 1 following an absolutely INCREDIBLE episode. I'd say Spoiler Alert, but if you clicked on this blog or that video without expecting spoilers, you are an idiot. A fucking idiot.

Anyway, if you are talking about the finale of Stranger Things 4 Part 1, which is such a goddamn annoying thing to say let alone write out, you gotta mention the supertwist bigger than anything even TJ Lavin has seen (shout out to any Challenge fan that gets that reference #RIPNoQuitters).

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Look at the Duffer brothers putting their nuts on the table and reminding everyone just how great Stranger Things can be, which to be fair is easy to forget since it feels like the last season was a lifetime ago. I rolled my eyes every time we went back to Hawkins Lab for the same flashbacks as Fuckface yapped at Eleven in between her games of Plinko, which I was sure would result in some underwhelming Game of Thrones Season 8 reveal.

Nope! It turns out Victor Creel actually has a son that is more terrifying than my boy AJ. Everyone's been talking about how the run times and budget of Stranger Things 4 are like a movie. But that reveal was Hollywood level shit that clearly comes with a bunch of Easter eggs, like the clock at the lab having 1 and 11 blurred out.

Not to mention how clocks strike before other characters get terrorized by the Upside Down in previous seasons.

Robbie and I are going to do a podcasting previewing Part 2 with KFC and whoever else wants to come on, which means I am going to spend the next few weeks living on the Stranger Things reddit reading every fan theory that I will convince myself will be true, which I would say would leave me disappointed like the finale for Thrones or True Detective Season 1. But I think the Duffer brothers are so in their bag right now, I'm not worried about it.

- The other storyline that caused me to sigh every time it popped up on the screen was Hopper in Russian. Most of it dragged, I never understood why he fucked his leg up or how he wasn't crippled by frostbite or an angry guard. But the fight scene against the demogorgon made the wait COMPLETELY worth it.

I had big time Gladiator vibes when Hopper's comrades got their weapons then preceded to get fucking dusted, which is a good thing since Gladiator ruled. Well I guess if you were one of Hopper's comrades it was bad. But for a the viewer, it was one of the best fight scenes I've seen in a TV show or even a movie in years.

- I wouldn't be upset if we don't have anybody else get their eyes popped out and their bones shattered into a billion pieces. It's easy to forget Stranger Things is a horror show with all the nostalgia, buddy comedy vibes, and the most beautiful girl in the world. Speaking of which…

- Nancy Wheeler. Queen.

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I swear if Vecna harms a hair on her beautiful head, I will write the MEANEST blog about him. Grudge Dave ain't got shit on Grudge Clem when his fictional crush is in danger.

- I enjoyed seeing how the lights worked from the Upside Down and as a child of the 80s, looooooved seeing a Light Brite get used to communicate between the two worlds. Don't get it twisted though, Light Brite sucked. It was fun in theory but not in execution, much like sex in water. 

That being said, the song for the old Light Brite commercial was a BANGER as was the stuff they made to trick idiot kids into thinking it was good.

- Dustin and his mom are the fucking best. They remind me of a wholesome Eric and Mrs. Cartman.

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I am now sooooo happy Robbie and I decided to make these breakdowns for each episode. If you didn't watch them or wanna catch up, they are quick hitters that are about 15 minutes each that are pretty much the ridiculous shit we would've tweeted in Stranger Things was released to us weekly instead of streamkakke'd. I think I just made up a word. Whatever. 

So check out our recaps below and subscribe to the My Mom's Basement YouTube where things like this and other content that won't be on the podcast exclusively lives .