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An All-Time Stupid Move In Show History | Challenge All-Stars Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

I can't stress how awesome the first 2 seasons have been. It keeps delivering a master class in what this show and what nostalgia is supposed to be. Don't get me wrong. I'm going to enjoy the normal Challenge that's on MTV. It's just a different game. The Challenge All-Stars delivers everything that made us fall in love with the show. Yeah, I said, fall in love with the show. 

Obviously I don't think No Quitters is coming back (it's not). So maybe if people keep bothering us we'll try to do a Twitter spaces one night or something. Either way you'll be getting weekly recaps. 


Sylvia is an incredibly stupid player

I don't know how else I can describe it. She held the sabotage and instead of giving it to KellyAnne like they've been doing, she gives it to Jonna. Why? Because she thinks KellyAnne struggles with puzzles. Hey, Sylvia, learn the game ONE time for me. The daily challenge was scratching a board like you're cleaning ice off your car to get a number, get a board and paddle to get a puzzle piece, solve said puzzle. Makes sense? Okay, except TJ said the sabotage will be having to get 2 different numbers and unlock it that way. What she did makes no sense and more on that later. 

MJ made a smart move sabotaging himself

On the flip side, Mark tried to play middle man Mark, something he does well. He asked if anyone wanted a sabotage and MJ said yes. He has a bum knee and figured if he lost he'd be in anyway. Take the sabotage and see what happens. Plus, if he gets thrown in he gets the pick of who he wants to go against, which is a HUGE advantage. 

Daily Challenge results

On the men's side it was the same old story. Brad is on a mission this season. He's fucking dominating. He won yet another daily challenge and won rather easily honestly. He's in a great spot not just with the wins but because he has his group there. He has connections to everyone but MJ, who he smartly keeps targeting. He even said it, why light another fire when there's one going on? That's the smart play.

On the women's side, Sylvia fucked up and Jonna's sabotage didn't cost her the first elimination and KellyAnne ends up winning. The puzzle looked actually simple actually. It was basically lining up the right pieces to put a star on 3 different levels. Despite the wind blowing it over, KellyAnne still won. 

Alliances formed

After Sylvia loudly announced how much she hated KellyAnne's celebration it led to more alliances. Nia basically joined KellyAnne and Jonna as anti Treehouse. You still had Sylvia and Kailah with Veronica and Roni as somewhat alliances. On the guys side you have the Austin group with Wes, Nehemiah and Brad. You have Derrick, Brad and Mark. Jordan is sort of a loner and MJ is a loner. 

Brad and KellyAnne's elimination moves

So as the Authority it's now just the two winners. Brad and KellyAnne again play it smart. Gotta hand it to how they are playing this episode and Brad for the season as a whole. They decide to make their own decisions for the male and female. Not shockingly Brad threw in MJ to keep that fire burning and KellyAnne throws in Sylvia. 

Sylvia fucks up again

So the twist again is simple. If you get voted into elimination you get to choose who you go up again. It's a HUGE advantage because you can see the elimination and pick from there with a person who is not necessarily prepared to go in. Sylvia planned on going with Jonna. She sees it's part puzzle and decides to go for Nia. The elimination was pretty straightforward. You had to follow this maze to get a star shooter out and then sort of pool shot a ball through a hole. Guess what happened? 

Nia easily gets the puzzle and hits the shot on the first try. Way to play, Sylvia. Way to play. 

On the guys side, MJ picks Derrick. Again, Derrick is a guy who struggles with puzzles so the thought process was there plus MJ didn't really have anyone to target or protect. MJ just couldn't get the puzzle and despite Derrick taking 5 shots, he still wins. 

Fall out from elimination

We're for sure close to the Final but the teaser for next week is trivia episode. That's all that matters. It's the best episode every single season. But the fall out is now Kailah is without a true alliance. Veronica is questioning who to play with. KellyAnne, Nia and Jonna are somewhat together. On the guys side I wouldn't be surprised to see them try to target Jordan. He's the one without a big alliance on the guys side as Brad is connected to everyone. We're still waiting to see what the stars mean as TJ hasn't given us that info yet. 

I apologize for lack of clips, there just aren't many out there for this episode. 

Listen to our guy Derrick talk with Eddie about the show here: