Both Steve Kerr And Draymond Green Acted Like GIGANTIC Babies In Their Postgame Pressers

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Cry me a goddamn river. What, Draymond doesn't want to be all talkative tonight? Why's that? He certainly had a lot to say after his Game 2. In fact, we couldn't hear enough from Draymond. Now? Now he's projecting his own embarrassment onto that poor reporter. He could have answered that question a billion different ways, and he chose to be an asshole. Why? Because when things don't go Draymond's way, this is what he does. He tries to bully you. You think if Draymond had a great game tonight and the Warriors won he answers that same question like that? No chance in hell. 

I'm also not sure what he's so mad about. His fouls were fouls. In fact, they even let him get away with more questionable shit

so maybe stop being such a big baby and don't be an asshole. You got beat. You stunk. It happens. The Celts made him a non factor in Game 3 and he clearly is lashing out because of it. Interesting how that works huh?

And Steve Kerr, grow up. This is the NBA Finals. You're getting upset that the Celts fans at the Garden chanted "Fuck You Draymond"??? What is with all of these people in the NBA being so soft with this? First Kyrie cried his eyes out both during the process of getting swept and then weeks after the series was over. Now Kerr is doing the same thing. The big bad meanies in Boston were mean to our player! They used a curse word! Did they break a code Steve? Is there some unwritten rule that after your player basically plays football in a basketball game and starts ALL THE SHIT that Celts fans should just mind their business? What are we even doing here! Classy. Yeah, it is classy. So classy you should buy a shirt Steve

I mean I knew the Warriors were good, but I forgot they cry like this whenever things don't go their way. Has this always been a thing and I just forgot? Either way, pretty terrible look from those two. Embarrassing really. We're lashing out at reporters because you played like shit and a coach is crying that a crowd was saying mean things. Woof. Couldn't be my favorite team.

2 down. 2 more to go. Holy shit.