Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.


Holy shit they really did it. The team that refuses to lose 2 games in a row is now perfect in the postseason after a loss. An insane 7-0 is something that just doesn't happen. This team hasn't lost back to back games IN FIVE FUCKING MONTHS. That's basically an entire season. Make no mistake, the Boston Celtics team you just watched was dominate. Completely controlled the entire game. Got down 2-0 and then never looked back until that absolutely brutal run in the 3rd, but they immediately punched back and the Warriors never really got close again. Every way we wanted to see them start this game they did. Jaylen came out on fucking fire like he usually does. I'd say it's about time the narrative surrounding Jaylen is that of a franchise guy, because that's what he is. Jaylen Brown is easily the Finals MVP on this team right now. I'm open to hearing other cases as the series goes along, but through 3 games? It's Jaylen and I'm not sure anyone else is even all that close.

What we saw was a team that new what type of opportunity was in front of them. Splitting on the road means dick if you immediately give it back in Game 3. Now they've earned the chance to really tighten the screws on GS with 3-1 now officially on the table. That looked like a team that was pissed off with how Game 2 went. Everyone, mostly Ime, calling them basically a bunch of bitches. A scrub like Draymond running his mouth for days. Fuck that. This is a team that punches back, we knew that about them, and that's exactly what they did. When it looked like Steph was going to carry the Warriors to the upset in that 3rd quarter, this team punched back. They didn't panic, they executed. When it came time for Jayson Tatum to step up and close the door, that's exactly what he did. He was aggressive, he defended, he was there when his team needed him most. 

Then there were guys like Rob and Marcus. Holy christ what a monster night from Rob. Easily the best he's looked in weeks and it was a nice reminder that when Rob is right, he fucks shit up. Blocking everything in sight, winning 50/50 balls, giving up his body being first to the floor diving for loose balls, having active hands and getting steals late in the 4th, THAT was the Rob we know. and love. Speaking of love, how about some love and trust. Marcus played his worst game of the playoffs in Game 2, so what does he do? He responds with his best game of the Finals and we get some NBA history

After all that talk about his "benching" (lolllllllll), Smart played basically the entire 4th quarter and made huge shot after huge shot and huge play after huge play to end this game. It was the exact example of why you love and trust in these big moments.


The fact that this team is now just 2 wins from the NBA title doesn't even seem real. It's still SO FAR away if you ask me. Just look at what happened to the Suns last year. 2 wins isn't 4 wins and 4 wins is all that matters. But you know what? It feels fucking fantastic. To win like that, to be so dominant for the majority of this game and to still have another game at home on deck, tonight we celebrate.

I'll see everyone in the morning. The Celtics are up 2-1. That's real. Now we fucking drink