Our King T.J. Hitchings Just Downed A Gallon Of Whole Milk In 22 Minutes

Today was going along like a normal show, but about 45 minutes in we remembered we had to spin the wheel and the wheel did not take kindly to playing second fiddle. It landed on MILK, which meant someone was going to have to do the gallon challenge and drink a gallon (128 oz.) of whole milk in an hour. The czar of the tri-caster, Mr. T.J. Hitchings was the wheel's choice.

T.J. took it like a champ, from start to finish.

But milk is simply undefeated.

Time and space began to catch up to our sweet boy T.J.

But like the absolute champion he is, T.J. finished the gallon in about 22 minutes. Even after puking over half a dozen times. Truly built different.

T.J.'s only wish was that you subscribe to the Barstool Yak on YouTube. Watch the full show here: