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Keith Olbermann Thinks Manny Machado Needs To Be Sent To The Hospital Since Pete Alonso Was Accidentally Hit By A Pitch

How is this tweet still up? I was going to ask how dumb Keith Olbermann can be but I think we know that answer. Pete Alonso got hit on his hand last night on an inside pitch from Yu Darvish. It's a 1-0 game in the top of the second, I don't think Yu Darvish is throwing at anyone on purpose, let alone Pete Alonso. Obviously Mets fans are upset because their guys are getting plunked left and right, but for Olbermann to publicly tweet that he wants Manny Machado sent to a hospital after his next at-bat is a legit crazy move. That is a move people would FEAST on if someone from Barstool tweeted it. It isn't great that Darvish hit Brandon Nimmo, Alonso, and then Jeff McNeil right after, but it's very clear he wasn't playing beanball, he just had no clue where it was going. Look at the at-bat, Alonso is swinging, he is offering at the pitch. It's not up near his head, it's not directly in his back, it's an inside pitch but Olbermann wants to act like Darvish was ear holing everyone.

I get wanting to retaliate because of what has happened all year, but that isn't how Buck does ball. It just shows that Keith is an awful baseball fan. Another point that Olbermann seems to be missing....Alonso swung....that is a swing. If he doesn't swing he doesn't get hi, but Olbermann seems to be choosing to ignore that fact and call for the MVP of the NL to be sent to a hospital instead by using the baseball as a weapon. That's the way to resolve all this. Because the second Manny gets hit you know he's going to see if the pitcher wants to go, that is when Keith will call Machado a scumbag, thug, piece of shit, immature ballplayer. You know that would happen. Plus, Buck LOVES Manny from their time in Baltimore, if he's hitting someone in a Padres uniform it wouldn't have been Manny. Just an absolutely insane thing for a grown man to tweet, especially since he'd cry if anyone else tweeted that about his beloved team. Guy with almost one million followers publicly calling for violence against another player, what a world. What a crybaby this guy is.