The Modern Warfare 2 Official Trailer Just Dropped And It's A Thing Of Beauty

The official trailer of Modern Warfare 2 dropped today and it looks GREAT! But, we can't get ahead of ourselves, it's just a trailer. Battlefield 2042 had a great trailer and we know how that turned out...

From first look, I'm excited to have Captain Price, Soap and Ghost back in the action for Modern Warfare campaign. Some of the missions reminded of CoD 4 (the goat). Like when they're storming the boat, instantly brought me back to Wet Work. So overall, definitely saw some good things today, but it's only a trailer that's showing campaign cutscenes. Aka, it doesn't really affect the everyday gamer that's interested in Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

The biggest pressure on Modern Warfare 2 is knowing the game has a 2 year life cycle. For the first time since Call of Duty 4, we will be missing a new Call of Duty release in the year 2023. Infinity Ward is the developers behind Modern Warfare 2 and lately, they'll be the most reliable Call of Duty dev. So, I have full faith in their ability to make a game entertaining for the full 2 year cycle. They previously made Modern Warfare (2019) which gamers everywhere really enjoyed. Modern Warfare 2 will be dropping October 28th and Warzone 2 will be releasing at a later date.

Thankfully as well, Gunfight will be returning to Modern Warfare 2. Infinity Ward can do so much with gunfight, so I really hope they give us constant updates/tournaments with gunfight 2.

The biggest W of all is that Ricochet Anti-cheat will be included when the game is released. Now in the past I've clowned Ricochet a ton, mainly cause it sucked ASS. But lately I've been playing a ton of Warzone and haven't ran into any cheaters in a while. So having Ricochet at it's current form is great for all gamers.

Some screenshots have people thinking we're getting High Rise back into the multiplayer map rotation. I'd be a huge fan of this as it was an iconic MW2 map.