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This Single Clip From Adam Sandler's Newest Movie Should All But Lock Up An Oscar For Anthony Edwards

This is a clip from Adam Sandler's newest movie 'Hustle' which 1) I haven't seen yet and 2) just came out. It's sort of like The Air Up There where Sandler tries to recruit a player from overseas to play in the NBA. It's got a bunch of NBA stars in it with Juancho Hernangomez as the lead. Still not sure how Juancho landed it, but sure. 

That's not the point. The point is Anthony Edwards deserves an Oscar. He's not even acting in this! This is just Anthony Edwards being Anthony Edwards. The man is the funniest dude in sports outside of Zlatan and his quotes always play. No doubt in my mind the directors and producers just told Anthony Edwards to go talk shit. This is the same guy who put himself in the NBA All-Time Starting five. 

The man who claimed he never heard of Alex Rodriguez: 

The man who claimed he'd travel the globe for a summer just so he can understand what the hell former teammates are saying

The man who wants to speak only with an Irish accent which needs to happen

Or more importantly the man who helped turn the Wolves into a playoff team. That might be the most impressive feat of all. All I know is Hustle is now a must watch for me. Not just because my genre of movies are pretty limited to comedies and sports movies, but because Ant knows the way to my heart: 

Give the man an Oscar now.