Amazon Had Producers Edit Out The Giant Dick Bulge On Chace Crawford's Character In The New Season Of "The Boys"

“The Boys” removed the bulge.

Chace Crawford has revealed that his character in the Amazon Prime superhero series “The Boys” was originally supposed to be very well-endowed.

Crawford plays “The Deep,” an aquatic superhero with a scandalous private life, and is one of the main characters in “The Boys” comic book and television show.

An official Amazon calendar including an unairbrushed photo of his huge bulge was released when the show first premiered in 2019, but fans noticed something was fishy when Crawford appeared on the show without his Big Boy.

The 36-year-old actor recently confirmed that his character was supposed to have a comically large penis but the Amazon executives were not amused when they learned he was wearing a prosthetic penis under his skintight costume.

BOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Come onnnn. When that poster of Chace Crawford and the most graphic dink print of all time came out in 2019, everyone went apeshit. Was it a fake dick? Was it his real dick? We didn't care. We couldn't get enough. 

“[Showrunner Eric] Kripke was like, ‘We get no notes from Amazon, but the first one we got was that can’t f – – king happen, we’ve got to take that out,’ ” the “Gossip Girl” star told Daily Mail Australia. “And we had to edit it out.”

He explained that the production team was made to use CGI effects to shrink his character’s penis in scenes that had already been filmed.

Crawford first spoke out about the shocking promo picture when it was released in 2019. He was reportedly laughing and groaning during the interview, but appeared to have fun with it.

LAME. What's the problem Amazon? Are you afraid of a little scandalous content? Dicks on TV is the newest trend. HBO goes literal dicks out every chance they get, even Hulu is on the train with the scene of Tommy Lee's cartoon dick that is now forever burned into our brains. I'm sure you have no problem showing some nipples through a shirt! That's the barometer I'm going off of here - is seeing a clear dick print through someone's pants, equal to a girl's nipples showing through her shirt? Personally I'm down to see some bulges. Sure, it's awkward and you don't know where to look, but it's all about equality, right? I've longed for the day when someone has to tell me, "Hey Kelly, eyes up HERE." The newest season of The Boys is absurd enough that we don't NEED a dick bulge, but what's the harm in a little extra absurdity? 

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