Kentucky QB Will Levis Explains His Reasoning For Putting Mayo In His Coffee And Eating Bananas With Peels On

On today's Pardon My Take... KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO! Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter made their annual appearance on the airwaves of The Bluegrass State this week and posted the best moments on today's podcast. One of the featured guests happened to be QB1 for the Kentucky Wildcats: Will Levis. The AWL joined the guys on the radio show this week to discuss a handful of topics, including some of his unique eating habits. You may have heard of these details before, but I'll let the guys take it away from here...

Mr. Commenter: I'm nervous talking to you, because as a big time mayo boy myself, I like putting mayo in everything. I put mayo in my eggnog, I put mayo in my mac and cheese, you changed the game, though. You put mayo in your coffee, and I'm curious to know, like, has there been any pushback on your diet this offseason? Are you incorporating mayo into any other meals?

Will Levis: Yeah, I made sure to talk it out and sit with my nutrition and make a plan for this offseason to go through my eating habits. And we've made sure to find a plan that allows me to have mayo in my diet as frequently as I can while taking sacrifices elsewhere, so I can continue with that, which is really good. Going to continue to put that on all sandwiches I have and the occasional cup of coffee as well. But I do think it's a staple of where it has gotten me as far as I have so far with with my body and my physical performance. So, it's worked so far and I'm gonna keep doing it.

Mr. Commenter: I love that - Built Buy Mayo - Will Levis, that's a nice tag for you. I do think that Mayo gets a bad rap a lot of times. Like people like to thumb their nose at Mayo and be like, "Oh, it's the worst condiment, etc., etc., etc," I think that Mayo is one of the… like… if you don't like Mayo on a turkey sandwich, you're a psychopath.

Will Levis: Yeah, it's like, people that say that too, it's like, isn't all aioli technically mayo, too? And like, all these fancy people trying to say like, "Oh, I got this aioli for my side," or whatever. I'm like, "Dude, it's fancy mayo, don't call it anything more than what it is." It's delicious stuff and people should just accept that.

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, that's a Matt Jones word for mayo.


[Later in the interview]

Mr. Cat: Now, what about the bananas? So, have you been eating bananas? You went viral for that. I honestly can't tell if you're a psycho, or you're really good at trolling the Internet, which I guess you could just be both. But are you still eating bananas with the entire peel on?

Will Levis: Yeah, it's definitely a little bit of both, definitely a psycho, I think anyone close to me can tell you that. But yeah, when all that came out, it was pretty crazy. And just to tell the story real quick, I put on my Tik Tok a video of me just eating like a completely brown banana and just eating it whole, peeling it off, didn't think much of it. And then when I got the starting job last year, I think some fan tried to troll me on Twitter and was like, "This is your starting quarterback going and doing this nonsense?!"

Will Levis: And it actually backfired and then got me a lot more good press than anything, which was pretty funny. Seeing the guys on SEC Network on SEC Gameday or whatever, Finebaum and Tebow eating bananas with the peels on, it was kind of like, "What have I done?" So, it's kind of a crazy little thing that's happened, and I definitely from time to time do still eat the bananas with the peel on.

There you have it - Will Levis confirms that eating bananas with peels on and drinking coffee with mayo in it is definitely his thing. If he happens to be in the Heisman conversation or in the running for the first overall pick in next year's NFL Draft, you will know what his interesting moves consist of.