It Keeps Happening! Another Dummy Cyclist Started Celebrating Before The Finish Line, Blows A First Place Finish

[Source] - "It was a rookie mistake," Van Aert told Sporza.

"On such a rising finish you lose a lot of speed when you celebrate. It happened in a split second and David Gaudu came from the other side…it’s just painful.

"I’ve seen it before with other riders. You sometimes laugh about it but now I’m the loser.

How does this keep happening? There are like two stories I ever hear when it comes to cycling. Crashes and this. Maybe some old school steroid use. We're reaching DeSean Jackson level of celebrating too early here: Just wait the extra second. You don't need the post of crossing the finish line while in a sprint with your arms in the air.

Frankly, I'm glad this guy lost. Not to sound all old, but play until the final whistle. Show no mercy and win by 3 seconds instead of 2. Run that score up if you have to because you never know when it stops mattering. I just don't understand how you can't wait the extra half second. You really want to be a Nick Young gif? 

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As far as I can tell in my research this cyclist is not Steph Curry, who is about the only person who can celebrate a tad early. He's not the best shooter of all time. He's Nick Young. Good, not legendary. Great quote by this guy though. He's laughed at people before but now he's the loser. Gotta embrace it. Gotta lean into the joke before the joke gets you.