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Random Thoughts And Easter Eggs For Episode 5 Of Stranger Things 4

We're back in the basement for another Stranger Things 4 recap, this time for Episode 5 that followed up Sadie Sink's Emmy winning performance (yeah I'm calling my shot here, whatever).

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More random thoughts:

- I know my brain is shitty and especially so when remember things from Season 1 which was seven(!!!) years ago. But I can't be the only one who thought Papa was dead, right? I figured Eleven getting revenge on him and killing his ass happened at some point. I know his name is Martin Brenner but if Eleven calls him Papa, I'mma call him Papa.

- While we are talking about the Hawkins Lab, I am officially adding this guy to the Sus List right behind Ms. Kelly for being the guidance counselor whose students keep getting killed after she meets with them and Papa for apparently coming back to life.

I will also be referring to this guy as Fuckface for the rest of this blog and his time on screen because he just looks like a fuckface.

- The Hawkins Lab storyline in general has draggggggged. Outside of a little old fashioned bullying and a couple of powers, the highlight has been Eleven playing Plinko, which to be fair is the best Price Is Right game ever. I would've been fine if they just showed some old Plinko games instead of the nonsense they have shown.

Other than Plinko, we can all agree that the best Price Is Right game when is Cliffhanger, right?

Obligatory link to an hour long video of the song and Family Guy scene.

- Nancy. Ms. Wheeler if you're nasty.

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That eyebrow move!!!

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Time to self-bonk and move on.

- I will never understand why Hopper smashed his foot, how his foot hasn't fallen off from frostbite, or to be honest how he isn't just dead from one of those diseases that occasionally is covered on Daily Mail about how someone got their leg amputated because they had a hangnail. I also don't know how Hopper wasn't killed for murdering multiple Russian guards.

- Even though they appear to have gone soft in this season of Stranger Things, I miss when Russians were the bad guys in movies like they were in the 80s. That will probably be the case again now that Vlady Putin is back in power. But between the rugged look, the unique accent, and the hard headedness, there was something special about Russian villains in 80s movies followed by Steven Seagal kicking their ass.

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- That being said, the only government that you had to fear more than the Russian government back then was the U.S. government that always had double agents and covert operations undermining everything. The FBI ended up being bumbling fools 1000 times more than they ended up being heroes or even helpers in 80s movies (See: Die Hard, ET, etc. etc. etc.).

He may have worked for the EPA instead of the FBI or CIA but fuck that dickless asshole Walter Peck as well.

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