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If You're Doing This At Your Wedding You Need To Re-Evaluate Your Life

Last week we saw Disney go viral after a Disneyland Paris employee ruined someone's wedding proposal. Let us be the first to tell you that Disney is in the news again. A couple's wedding has gone viral after they omitted having FOOD at their wedding for Mickey & Minnie to make an appearance for 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES.

We aren't Disney fan haters, we even like Disney ourselves but not having food at your wedding for Mickey & Minnie come is pass the point of return. There are many debates around weddings. Are weddings for the bride & groom to be happy at all costs or are weddings supposed to cater to the guests? Should you have an open bar or do the bride & groom cover the bar? Not having food at your wedding should NEVER be a debate. 

This is a time where Disney fans have gone too far. They even justified themselves saying there were vending machines. You can't expect guests to be carrying lose change for a bag of chips at your wedding. If we were at this wedding we would be ordering a full spread of food with no regrets. We may even invite Mickey & Minnie to eat with us because we're sure they'd be hungry after a couple of laps around the venue. 

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