The New Warzone Perk 'Serpentine' Reduces Damage By 20% While Sprinting and Is Insanely Broken

The clip above shows it all...

There's a new Warzone perk that dropped recently named 'Serpentine.' When it's equipped, incoming health damage is reduced by 20% when sprinting. This doesn't affect armor, but only the white health bar. As you can see in the two clips above, it takes an extra 3-4 bullets and I STILL don't even get the elimination. Kinda mind-boggling if you ask me.

So obviously since it's so broken, I tried to use it myself and obviously knowing my luck, I didn't feel a single difference. Serpentine only works for enemies! Doesn't affect your boy in the slightest.

Couple this with the fact that Rebirth Island increased max player health from 250 --> 300 and now it's hit marker central baby!

Amidst all the Serpentine pain I've been experience, I've still been absolutely loving Warzone lately. There's a new Champion of Caldera mode where the circle is always closing + you land into the map with your loadout. It's pure chaos because you never know where the circle will end up and everyone is just running for their lives. Very tough to win, but extremely fun to try it out.

Champion of Caldera Gameplay

Warzone is also in one of the most balanced places I've ever seen it. Lately, I've been getting Warzone wins with the M4, M13, QBZ, STG, Bruen, DP27, Nikita, the list goes on. For the most part, a ton of different guns are viable. 

Today's the day we're also getting the Modern Warfare 2 reveal, so I am HYPE…but also afraid. Please give us another great CoD Infinity Ward - we need it.

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