The Best Way To Manifest A Big Game 3 Win Is To Relive The Last Time We Saw The Boston Celtics Play In The NBA Finals At The Garden

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

By all accounts, we have a massive Game 3 on our hands tonight folks. Our first "swing game" opportunity for both sides of these NBA Finals. So far in Game 3s, the Celts have had a mixed bag of results. Against the Nets, they carried their 2-0 series lead into BKN and walked away with a 109-103 win, effectively ending that series. Tatum had 39/5/6/6 on 13-29 shooting and was the best player on the floor. Since then, Game 3s haven't exactly been great. You may remember the Game 3 against the Bucks which included a 34-17 3rd quarter collapse, both Jaylen and Smart rimmed out 3PA in the final minute, and Al Horford's putback was about 0.3 seconds too late and the Celts suffered a 103-101 loss to fall behind in that series 2-1. In the ECF against the Heat, they finally had a Game 3 at home with supposed momentum, only to come out insanely flat to the tune of a 39-18 first quarter and ultimately their late game comeback came up short and they lost 109-103.




Game 3 swing games are never easy, nor do they seem to go how you might think. Unlike those previous MIL/MIA series, I would not advise the Celts to go down 2-1 against this Warriors team if you can avoid it. I know that's some big brain thinking right there, but it's also true. You did what you had to do and took one of the first two games to earn yourself homecourt. Now is the time to actually build off that opportunity. I think on some level every Celts fan is spending some time today being worried about the same thing. Lately, in these huge games at home, there's a sense of nervousness. The Celts start maybe 1-6 to open a game and you can feel it in the crowd through your TV. That's not always the case, sometimes you get a MIL Game 2 or MIL Game 7 or MIA Game 4, but their 5-4 record at home is what it is. It's something that you can feel both confident and nervous about all at once. That basically sums up the NBA Finals so far in my opinion.

I do think that whoever loses this game still has life. You have to win 4. If the Celts take a 2-1 series lead, is this series over? No chance. If the Warriors are up 2-1, all they did was exactly what the Celts did in the first two games. Having said that, there's no denying what a golden opportunity the Celts have in a best of 5 series with 3 potential games at home. They do not need to win on the road again in these Finals as long as they protect their home floor. 

The last time we saw the Boston Celtics play an NBA Finals game at the Garden was on June 13th, 2010. That was a good 4,378 days ago. You may remember that as Game 5 of the 2010 NBA Finals which resulted in a 92-86 Celtics win. No, we don't need to talk about how that series ended on the road, we're focusing right now on games at the Garden. Thank you for understanding. 

One thing I've learned during this 2022 Celtics playoff run is that manifestation works. Or at least I decided that it works when something I tweeted out hours before tipoff actually happens and I can further push my agenda while ignoring those tweets if things don't work out. So that is what I am attempting to do here. It's not a jinx, it's manifestation. There's a difference. I, much like you I would imagine if you clicked on this blog, would like to see the Celts win their first NBA Finals game in the Garden in 12 years. So to help make that a reality, let's relive the last game they played in this building

Now I know what you're probably thinking. You're thinking it's maybe bad juju to show a video of a series this team lost, despite that Game 5 win at home. Luckily, I have come prepared. The Celtics at home in the NBA Finals can be a beautiful thing. So to combat that potential bad juju, I am playing this card


OK, we should be good now.

When I think of what the Celts have to do to win this game tonight, it's not overly complicated. Just play normal. That's been my mantra this entire postseason run. When they move away from that and do stupid things like turn the ball over 18 times for 33 points, they lose. When they play normal both in terms of their production and their ball security, they look unstoppable. 

I would like to see a team that's pissed off that despite being the ones who went on the road and stole homecourt, everyone is currently talking like the Warriors control this series. I want to see a team that's pissed off that something like this exists

Show me you are ready for this moment and are ready to capitalize on the opportunity that is in front of you. I want to see a team that is pissed off about getting their doors blown off in 3rd quarters. Basically, I want to see a team that plays with Celtics Pride. Not only do the stars need to show up, but it's just as important the role players do the same. You know Steph is going to be ready. You know Draymond is going to do everything he can to get in your head, and I would imagine we get a good Klay showing at some point during these next two games. The Warriors will be ready to truly take control of this series if you allow them to. 

But they are not invincible.  

In previous series, the Celts always said the right thing before these type of massive swing games. They talked about playing with energy and being locked in. The results haven't exactly matched that mindset. I cannot think of a better opportunity for that to finally happen than tonight's Game 3.

The NBA Finals is still up for grabs, and now is the time for the Celts to rise up and take a step towards snagging it. We know this team loves to make life hard on themselves so everything is on the table, which is why I'll be spending the rest of my day doing my part to manifest this win. 

I suggest you do the same, we all have to do our part.