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The New Taco Bell 'Defy' Is Spectacular As Hell And Looks Like It's Straight Out Of 'Demolition Man'

It's glorious! Glorious! I don't care if it's straight out of Demolition Man: 

I might even call that restaurant sexy. If this is the future of fast food well sign me up because we're long past the days of a single order drive-thru lane. I still remember the first time I saw a two-laner and my mind was confused. Again, I'm an 80s baby, so that was a foreign concept to me. A two lane drive-thru? Basically was a pipe dream on some Saturday morning cartoon when they were in year 2050. 

I have no idea if this is even going to be successful, I just know it's cool as shit. But then again every single thing about how we get food is changing. Delivery service changed how we did things. Then we got Uber Eats and all the apps. And now we have this. I can't tell if it's a bank, a Taco Bell or maybe even a car wash, but I'm intrigued! 

Let me get to Minnesota, order a couple of cheese gordita crunches, nacho fries and a Baja Blast and watch that thing come through the lift. Taco Bell man, always innovating.