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Draymond's Rant About Enforcers And Fighting In The NBA During The 80s/90s Is The Most Correct Thing He Ever Said

I know people will lose their shit just because it's Draymond talking about being tough. He's not wrong though. Well mostly not wrong. This was all because Cedric Maxwell said if Draymond pulled the shit he did in the 80s, he'd be knocked out. 

And Maxwell's response

Maxwell for sure backed up some of the talk. He wasn't afraid to throw hands, even with fans: 

But what Draymond said is right. I say this as someone who grew up in the era, someone who will argue until I'm blue in my face about how great 90s basketball was. This whole notion that any person in today's game would automatically be knocked out is so goddamn stupid. For whatever reason the majority of people accept that without any line of thinking while also agreeing that players from that era could come today and play no problem. 

Everyone can agree that Draymond is annoying, you'd love him if he was on your team but is also right here. People will just immediately ignore any statements because it's Draymond and the fact he kicked a couple people in the nuts. I don't know why people just can't agree that the game was more physical back then but players today still could play. It's the dumbest argument we do in sports and we only do it with the NBA for some reason. No one argues if Lawrence Taylor could play in today's NFL or if Tom Brady could have played in the 80s. 

As a fan of neither team I love this though. Give me animosity during the playoffs. I want Draymond to get all of Boston to lose their collective shit on him tonight. I want him to have that grin knowing he achieved it. I'm all for bringing back hate in sports and rivalries and all that.