Deshaun Watson Has Gone Private On Twitter After A Report Said He Booked Massages With 66 Different Women Over 17 Months

I don’t care if you’re a man, woman, Browns hater, or the biggest Browns fan on planet Earth: I think we can all agree that 66 different women massaging him in just 17 months is weird. And a bad look.

He looks guilty. Don’t tell me you were just looking for professional massages, because if you were, then you’d find someone good & continue to use them. And you’d have them on payroll because you’re an NFL quarterback that can afford that. But instead you continuously looked for women on Instagram? I think at this point you can objectively say he was looking for sexual activity.

The court of public opinion would rule that he should be suspended for life, and I think he's tired of hearing from the court of public opinion when he checks his mentions each day:

Private? It is hilarious to me that someone with 1.4 million Twitter followers would go private, but if you weren't following Deshaun before late last night, good luck now!

Okay here's my newest takes with the most recent update:

1.) The Texans knew about this. 

The report said they gave him nondisclosure agreements and booked him hotel rooms. I can’t believe the Browns “full investigation” into the situation came back so spotless, but the Texans knew this was much worse than everyone else. They had their hand in the cookie jar too! I’m not asking they pay the full $230 million, as we’re guilty here too. But how about half?

2.) This will go down as the worst trade in not just NFL history, but in world history.

3.) The Browns are the biggest joke franchise in all of sports. $230 million guaranteed. I NEED an investigation into the Browns investigation they conducted. Because it appears like it was as simple as Andrew Berry saying, "Hey Deshaun, did you do it?" -- Deshaun says, "No". Let's sign him!

4.) Let’s not forget 13 teams desperately wanted Deshaun Watson. We were just “lucky” he chose us. The Browns are cursed.

5.) Minimum: Full-year suspension

Can't wait to see what today brings us!