South African Fighter Dies After Headbutt In Ring Causes Him To Lose His Faculties

A couple of followers sent me a bizarre clip from this past weekend.  It involved two fighters I have never heard of going at it in Durban, South Africa for the WBF African lightweight title.

Both men seemed exhausted (it was the 10th round), but the dominant performer (at least in this short clip) had just sent his opponent through the ropes.  And while the ref was delivering a standing 8 count to the man who was just knocked down, the dominant fighter inexplicably began to box the turnbuckle.

The video may have been amusing to some, but I didn't post it because I knew there would be a health issue with the boxer swinging at nothing but air... I just let it go and hoped for the best.

Well, this morning, boxing insider Michael Benson is reporting that the discombobulated gentleman, Simiso Buthelezi, who was put into a medically-induced coma while in the hospital following the fight, has just died due to complications from a brain injury and internal bleeding.

Contact sports carry inherent risks… Boxing arguably has more risks than the rest of the sporting world because of the sustained battering that happens around the head.  But this was not a case of a referee letting a fight go on too long.  From what I read, the injury to Buthelezi may have stemmed from an accidental clashing of heads earlier in the bout.

However it happened, this is undoubtedly a tragedy for the young man, and unfortunately, there is nothing to do now but send condolences to his family.

Rest in peace, Simiso Buthelezi.