After 31 Years In The Minors Bob Hards Got The Call From The Athletics That He Was Headed To The Big Leagues

It's hard not to love stories like this. Bob Hards has been with the Midland Rockhounds, Oakland's AA team, in some capacity for 31 years, that's a long time. Normally he's the announcer for the Rockhounds but this week his office is a little different, he made his MLB announcing debut on Tuesday night in Atlanta as the A's took on the Braves. Look at that smile on Bob's face when they show him on camera, that guy is the happiest person on the planet and how can you blame him? 31 long years grinding it out in the minors, calling games with literally tens of people in the stands some nights, it's gotta be tough. But now he's in the bigs, he's called a major league game, he's filled out an official scorebook. What a cool moment, I hope they gave him a call up video like they do for the big prospects, that would be great to see. I just love how big his smile is and how cheerful he looks in the video the whole time. Have a day Bob, have a day.