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The Angels Batters All Changed Their Walk-Up Songs To Nickleback In An Attempt To End Their Losing Streak.....It Didn't Work

The Angels are legit pulling out everything they can to try and switch up their juju right now. Heading into last night they were on a 13 game losing streak, just fired a Hall of Fame manager, and their best player is out with a groin injury. So they did what anyone does when they're depressed, turn on some Nickleback. Every Angels batter changed their walk-up music to a Nickleback song on Wednesday night in an attempt to turn the tide. Some people LOVE Nickleback, some people hate them, they're not for me but if you want to get down with some 'Back, I get it. 

You do weird thing when you're on long losing streaks. The Orioles burned sage last year and walked around the ballpark, some people switch up their routines, the Angels just want to listen to some below average music. Ultimately it didn't work and they fell 1-0 to the Red Sox as they find themselves losers of 14 straight. That's a lot of games to lose in a row folks, especially when you have two generational players on your team but that's a conversation for another day. 

Tough run for Angels fans this last week though, manager fired, Trout hurt, awful losing streak, Nickleback. When will the tides turn for this team? Maybe they switch up their songs to Smash Mouth? They've got to do something to get the guys going, it doesn't seem like Nickleback did the trick, shocker.