Goldeneye 007, One Of The Greatest Games Of All Time, Is Getting Remastered For The Xbox

Goldeneye 007, one of the greatest games of all time, is getting remastered for the Xbox! After seeing multiple different leaks, this one I'm about to discuss is by far and away the most convincing.

On the official Xbox Website, you can see Goldeneye 007 achievements listed. This can only mean one thing - Goldeneye is coming to the Xbox!


Anytime an old classic is being remastered, I get a little worried. I always fear that the gaming studio and developers are gonna try to do too much and ultimately fuck up a masterpiece. Sure, it would be cool to see Goldeneye in modern day graphics, but I'm also worried about the game losing its charm. 

In my opinion, the perfect scenario is what 353 Industries did for the Halo Master Chief Collection. There was a setting that allowed the player to view the world in the same graphics from said game's era. Meaning, if you played Halo 2, you could flip a setting to allow the OG graphics or flip the setting for remastered and updated look. It's a genius idea because certain gamers want that updated look, while others want to feel like they went back in time to that game's time.

So, I'd absolutely love to see Goldeneye 007 remastered, but I REALLY hope it's done the right way.


Everyone is expecting the game to be announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase on June 12th.

My one BIG request for the remaster is to keep Oddjob the same. Make him blocky, make him short, give us the OG N64 Oddjob.

Fingers crossed.

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