It's Not Shocking At All That The USGA Announced LIV Golf Players WILL Be Allowed To Play In Next Week's US Open

I know, I know, another LIV Tour blog. But it's legit the biggest story in sports right this second. Not to mention this is a US Open blog. The USGA announced that LIV Tour members will be allowed to play in the US Open in Boston next week. It makes sense for this year and this year only. I know they'll probably stick with this sort of thing because who wouldn't want DJ or Phil or Oost, etc coming to play at their course and draw in more eyeballs. I also get it for this year because of the quick turnaround. It's been about a week since we saw the names like DJ listed for LIV golf and this morning was when he announced he was resigning his PGA membership. 

I know golf refuses to have fun, but they should absolutely have fun with this now. If the guys decide to play in the US Open, put them in groups with people they HATE for Thursday/Friday. You can't have everything look normal, it's not. There's a shift in the sport and we'll see what happens in the future. But everything is for sure not normal. Oh DJ likes to go off late on Thursday and early Friday? Well reverse that shit. Make it like there's some sort of punishment for this year and then adjust. 

Remember, this is the USGA US Open, this isn't the 'PGA Tour.' It's completely different so they can take a stand any way they want. Some of the guys from LIV have exemptions from winning majors while others are top-60 in the world and qualify that way. People are pissed off at this decision and I get it. But at the end of the day it's still a business. That's why this isn't shocking. 

No word if the US Open will have these JV ass looking Dozen logos though