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I Am NOT A "Ghost Guy" But This Lake In Georgia Creeps Me Out

Look, I am not a haunted anything guy. Don't believe in it. Never seen compelling evidence. Did the haunted Chicago tour...yawn. Did the haunted Savannah, Georgia tour...yawn. I just don't see any possible way how it could be real. If every person who ever lived was a ghost we'd be perpetually walking around in a fog of ghost soup. Estimations are that in all of human history there has been 100 BILLION people who lived on the planet per one google search. There'd be ghosts everywhere. Ghosts are fake. A fairytale to scare young kids. 

Having said that...FUCK. THIS. LAKE. 

Lake Lanier in Georgia isn't even a real lake. It is a reservoir built in the 1950s that hasn't stopped killing people since it opened. Inching towards 200 deaths now. And like I said...not a ghost guy, but I haven't ruled out curses. You build a lake on top of Indian burial grounds, 20 cemeteries were the government lied about moving every body and left tombstones down there, and used eminent domain to seize the property of black Americans who were forced out of their community through acts of racial terrorism including lynchings and that is how you get into curse territory. That place is fucking cursed. Bad juju up the wazzoo. You couldn't pay me to go boating out there and I love Lake Life. 

The stories around the deaths of these people sufficiently creeped me out. Full episode below