Klay Thompson Has A Secret Weapon To Fix The Fact He's Playing Like Shit - He's Gonna 'YouTube Game 6 Klay Thompson'

Uhh yeah, this is just smart. I know people will make fun of him - including his teammates - but winning is more important. 

Guys who rely on shooting to open up their entire game are unique people man. It's almost like a DH or a pitcher or a goalie, something specific like that. You have to keep them in the right mental space. The moment they start to falter, the shooting only gets worse. So if Klay wants to watch Game 6 Klay Thompson, the Warriors should have that shit on in the locker room, in practice, hotel room, everywhere. 

Klay is 4-for-15 from three and 10-for-35 from the field. That's not normal Klay no matter who he plays or coming back from injury. Remember, this is Game 6 Klay: 

Please, Klay.