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Are Scott Disick & Holly Scarfone Dating?

Is Scott Disick dating another 20-something year old? All the evidence leads to yes and here is what we know.

Towards the end of May, rumors were flying around that Scott Disick had ended things with his short fling with Rebecca Donaldson and had moved on to, Holly Scarfone from Netflix reality show, Too hot To Handles.

Holly posted a spicy Instagram picture with the caption "Oh Lord She’s Talentless" which is an obvious play off of Scotts nickname, Lord Disick and his company, Talentless. She also tagged Scott and Talentless which made us think she was just promoting the company until Scott commented on the picture...

Scott said, “I can think of a few talents you have right off the top of my head, no pun intended.” And Holly commented back, "see you soon."

After that everyone assumed the two were seeing each other. Holly's TikTok comments were flooded with people saying and thinking every video was about Scott, but we didn’t see anything else from them until a few days ago…

On June 3rd the two were spotted together in LA going to a Balenciaga store together. On that same day Holly also posted on her instagram story a video of a while rabbits inside a backyard that looks very similar to Scotts 

So what do we think? Do you think these two are seriously together or do you think its just another one of Scotts flings? 

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